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DIY camera stabilizer for your GoPro: Lego, tape, elastic bands and a sheet of paper

1/26/2015 Matt 0 Comments

There are lots of videos of camera stabilizers on youtube, but this one is different. The design also includes a vibration mount that uses elastic bands to counteract shake. It's based on the design of the Steadicam system, but unlike the Steadicam systems you have seen. Its vibration system cushions horizontal and vertical movement. This really helps take out the vibration caused when walking and is a simple step further than many free home made systems out there.

The GoPro is perfect for using in a camera stabilizer system as they are light enough to use all day without your wrist aching. The only problem is without a screen, its impossible to frame shots, so producttank improved the design further by adding a handle system that holds an Ipad or other tablet with the GoPro app on it, this could also be modified to hold a mobile phone.

Current Camera stabilisers on the market are really expensive for what they are and I hope this video shows how easy it is to make one for yourself, either for free, or for very little money. At the end of the video I make an indoor design using cardboard, tape, a sewing needle, a golf tee and some coins, just in case people watching don't have any Lego near-by. -explain producttank

Text, video and image via producttank