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Inmybag:The World’s Only Searchable Database of Photographers and their Gear

4/11/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

If you love photography, then you’ll love The World’s Only Searchable Database of Photographers and their Gear from international photography magazine InMyBag. You can now select photographers by different criteria- for instance, genre, location, equipment etc and then Inmybag’s clever visual search engine presents you with the best images of each photographer.
This ‘Kit Wars’ system lets you select up to 12 images you love, stack these photographers and their gear side by side to discover new talent and see what gear they have in common. So, whether it’s wedding photographers from the USA or Car photographers from around the globe, or creative portrait photographers in general, you can get a new and fascinating insight.

GEAR-HEADS-BannerGear Heads’ provides a new perspective on photography equipment and shows you the best image from each photographer who uses that item. It really shows you the potential of the gear and acts as inspiration for up and coming photographers.

“We wanted to utilise all the information we capture by featuring and promoting a different photographer per day on Inmybag. We’d like to become the Wiki-tographers of the internet: providing a free resource which will enable us to build a historical and evolving picture of photography as it embraces shifts in technology.”

“We want to be able to pull out fascinating observations about photographers, for example, how little gear woman photographers tend to use compared to the male counterparts, to the most popular lens for portrait photographers and how it varies by country.” said Simon Ellingworth, Editor of Inmybag.

What’s interesting about this project is it has an open door policy and so embraces photographers of any skill, level, genre, or location. It doesn’t matter if you use an iPhone, GoPro, video or traditional film – everybody’s welcome.

To encourage photographers to submit, this month Inmybag have teamed up with Swiss lighting specialists Elinchrom and are offering the chance to win £3,000 ($4,400 USD) worth of gear.

Submission is simple; each entrant to the site generates an online profile which features their 6 best shots, web and social media links which helps promote their photography to our global audience.

Click here for submission.