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Historical Fiction: Behind the Scenes the powerful interpretations of iconic moments byTyler Shields

5/28/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Have you ever think about the other side of the history? Real moments with real people, thats is what our friend Tyler Shields has created with his new serie "Historical Fiction". In this behind the scenes video, Taylor shares with you all this cool project.
“With Historical Fiction, I have tried to create a narrative of history frozen in time, as if each image were part of a book where the first and last 100 pages have been torn out, and the story is for you to decipher. What happened before and what happened after is only up to the imagination of the viewer, and it's that viewer that can envision themselves in many of these moments.” -said Tyler on -

Historical Fiction was photographed in locations across the United States over a period of twelve months through early 2015.

Una foto publicada por Tyler Shields (@thetylershields) el

Una foto publicada por Tyler Shields (@thetylershields) el

Since it's my birthday I thought why not post this, as this photo is part of my new series Historical Fiction, something I am keeping secret until it comes out. This is "Girl running from plane" one of the single most difficult photos I have ever taken and one of the most rewarding. No composite no computer effects just a 1 frame per second camera and one chance to get it, for me this was a perfect life moment, a moment that you can never train for, a moment that when it comes you have to just take it for what it is and those moments are rare but always magical! This photo started my new series and forever changed the way I want to create things so thank you to everyone who helped make it happen and thank you to everyone for the incredible Birthday love and support! For my birthday I asked a lot of my friends to post photos I had taken of them, the words you guys have put with the photos are incredible thank you all! I have to say to the incredible @anamulvoyten I love you, thank you for making this once dream now a reality, you are truly one of a kind and fearless! A huge thank you to @hasselblad_official this photo would not exist with out you! #tylershieldshistoricalfiction
Una foto publicada por Tyler Shields (@thetylershields) el

"Lynching" a new photo from my series Historical Fiction. Debuting this weekend at the Andrew Weiss gallery. @thedailybeast says is my most powerful and important photo, What do you think? Check out this amazing article from Justin Jones... A Black Man Hangs a White Supremacist: Tyler Shields’s Charged Photography In Tyler Shields’ photographs the traditional victim of violent race-related injustice turns aggressor. For Shields, it’s a powerful and symbolic role reversal. There he hangs, just feet above the water. The white, hooded figure whose body is limp and lifeless resembles a uniformed member of the Klu Klux Klan. As he hangs, a black man securely holds the opposite end of the rope. Is he the culprit or the savior? We do not know. #tylershields #tylershieldshistoricalfiction
Una foto publicada por Tyler Shields (@thetylershields) el

Zak Cheney-Rice wrote ( read the full article)

The most polarizing photo of Tyler Shields’ career shows a naked black man hanging a Klansman.The Ku Klux Klan is not happy about it, Shields says. Nor are a number of his artist friends, who claim the image is so loaded with painful iconography that they worry how viewers will react to it.

“It was too much for them,” Shields told Mic in an interview. “I have a photographer friend who looked at the image and freaked out: ‘You can’t put this out there. It’s too crazy. It’s too much.’

“[They] kept telling me, ‘People are going to ask you too many questions,’” he said. “‘I wouldn’t even know what to say.’”

“A lot of artists want an exact statement for everything they do,” he said. “But I never want to not create something because I’m afraid of what it might say.”

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Remember you can visit the Andrew Weiss Gallery in Santa Monica (website)