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8 Questions to Ask Before Estimating a Photo Shoot by Jay P Morgan

6/05/2015 Matt 0 Comments

A client wants to hire you for a photo or video shoot. That's great! But now what? Here are eight questions, or line of questions, to ask in order to ensure you get all the information you will need in order to create an estimate (and get hired).

1. Ask questions to sound interested and interesting.
2. What is the budget?
3. Usage?
4. Who is the competition?
5. How did you find out about me or my work?
6. Is there an image that matches the job in your mind?
7. Who is on the team?
8. Ask questions about the approach to the job.

Now that you have all the information, you actually need to create the estimate. The reality is that estimating is kind of a complicated process.
I have put together a class as a digital download that will teach you this process from my point of view. I walk through what to include and pricing for commercial photography, weddings, video and portraits. 

Purchase the video and learn more at

The price of this book $29.95

Thanks for the share Jay P!!