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Guest post: Motorcycle Girl Lighting Setup and Retouch by CJ Foeckler

9/03/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Today we have a new guest post by CJ Foeckler (website) , graphic designer by day, photographer by night. He attached his original photos, lighting diagrams for each scenario, and a bts photo that shows his setup from where CJ was shooting from.


While digging through my work, I realized that I didn't have anything spectacular in my retouching portfolio that showed a full process of a long, involved retouch. I'm a photographer and always do my own retouching, so I figured that I would give myself some of my own mock projects to show prospective clients the extent of what goes into some of my retouching. 


Watch the whole process of my retouch of a motorcycle movie poster from start to finish. See all of the working photos straight out of camera, to the completed, fully retouched version. I compressed the just over 2 hours of retouching and creating into just over 7 minutes!

I decided to shoot some photos of my wife and one of my motorcycles as a fake movie poster or a dramatic cinematic styled portrait. I shot variations of her on and off the bike with simple Canon Speedlites. I used a Canon 430ex ii on a light stand with a small 16" beauty dish with a sock as the back right hairlight, and a Canon 430ex ii in a 3' umbrella softbox on a light stand as the key light just to the left of the model. They were triggered with a shoe flash trigger on my Canon 5d Mark ii with 24-70mm f/2.8 lens. 


The backgrounds were shot by me with available light in a couple different locations in a downtown area to give the images a gritty, urban feel. I then took all of those images into Lightroom to make general levels adjustments. Then ran those through photoshop to do a majority of my retouching.

In Retouch B, I also created some custom hand lettering that I drew by hand, scanned in, and worked through Adobe Illustrator as well as Photoshop before dropping it into the final layout.

A real pleasure to have this guest post today. Thanks CJ Foeckler for your help.

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