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Behind the Scenes with Chris Lawrence Phase One Ambassador and Elinchrom Testimonial for the ELB400

11/21/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Phase One Ambassador Chris Lawrence testing out the new Elinchrom ELB400 in this backstage video for photoshoot in studio with Chef Leonildo Contis for agency AIEO.

Chris explains more about this behind the scenes for ISO1200:

Since the Elinchrom ELB400 was given to me back in June by (Elinchrom Italy) all I thought about was create action photoshoots. I quickly found myself using the ELB for everything, it has even traveled with me to the Ferrari Factory in Maranello to shoot portraits of engineers for the Official Ferrari Magazine.

As a Battery Pack with only 424 watt seconds, it can run with the big dogs. I mostly shoot medium format Phase One IQ backs. So I am almost always shooting at ISO 200 or lower and the ELB gives me 300 full power shots which with medium format cameras is awesome. I am able to travel light and never worry if I am not going to have enough fire power. Thanks to the Phase One Sensor Plus, if needed I can up my ISO up 2 stops. However, my resolution will be reduced to 10 megapixels for the IQ140 or 20 megapixels for the IQ360 & 380 backs. For must jobs the reduction in megapixels is not a problem.

The BTS video was shot in my studio using a Rotalux 150cm Indirecto Deep Octa with the ELB and a DIY Rotalux 70cm INDIRECT Deep Octa with a regular Quadra.

I have and still use other manufactures lighting equipment, Profoto and Broncolor will always be the leaders. They are both much more expensive than Elinchrom. Each brand has it’s strong points and weak points. I personally would never use a Profoto B1 outside of a studio for the simple fact that you have to use double it’s weight in sandbags to counter weigh them. The B2, well for the same price you can have one more stop of light with the Elinchrom Quadra of ELB400 kits. Broncolor, there is not much to say!! They are the leaders and that is what you are paying for.

I have not had the chance to try out the new Elinchrom HS system, I don’t know that I will anytime soon simply because a shoot medium format and there is no need for High Speed Sync. But I must say that it really looks impressive and maybe I will get a chance to play with it on my Nikon D800.

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Photographer Chris Lawrence
Client: Leonildo Contis
Agency: AEIO
Make up artist: Roberta Masia
BTS video: Alessandro Murgia
Asst. photographer: Corrado Caocci

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