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Street Photographer in a Wheelchair by Anthony Carbajal

4/24/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Two years ago, Anthony Carbajal gave up his passion for wedding photography after he was diagnosed at 26 years old with ALS… He is slowly becoming completely paralyzed. He can't carry a camera anymore, but recently he said fuck it and mounted it on his wheelchair.

We would like to reproduce the text that Anthony wrote on his YouTube Channel:


Huge favor!? ALS is stealing our strength but not our fight and will to live within our home with our loved ones. If 800 people subscribed to my photography for $5 it would cover my mom's full time nurse that she desperately needs $3,800/month.

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Much love,
Anthony & Family

Una foto publicada por Anthony Carbajal (@carbajalphoto) el

Please consider supporting them here:

Text, images and video via Anthony Carbajal

About Anthony Carbajal:

I'm a photographer that can't carry a camera anymore... but I'm still making it happen! Two years ago, I initially gave up my passion for photography after I was diagnosed at 26 years old with an incurable neurological disease called ALS... my mom has ALS too

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