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Better Audio Video Edits Using Environmental Audio and B-roll

4/16/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Better Audio Video Edits Using Environmental Audio and B-roll

This  video takes a look at how Ray Ortega covered up a video edit by taking a piece of audio from a section where he was not speaking and placing it in the gap created by the edit. This is known as room tone because it's the audio that's in the room while nobody is talking. This prevents a gap in the audio that would be noticeable if missing.

Ray also used a fade on the end of my sentence in order to make it sound more natural instead of what it actually was, a cut in the sentence.

Using both these techniques keeps the viewer from noticing the edits you made and remain focused on the story you're telling.

About Ray Ortega :

I’m Ray Ortega and I host The Podcasters’ Studio (TPS) and Podcasters’ Roundtable. Both shows are podcasts about podcasting. With this site and podcast, you’ll learn how to record, edit, publish, and promote your podcast. Get all the tools you need to produce a high-quality show. Let's Get Connected: 

Text, image and video via Ray Ortega

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