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Crank Juice Box Kickstarter | The Battery For Every Creative

7/20/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Crank Juice Box Kickstarter | The Battery For Every Creative

This project was a partnership with Crank Tools and RGG EDU. RGG EDU worked on the design and capabilities of the Crank Juice Box to work with all Macs, PC's, prosumer cameras like the C100, Go-Pros, Phones, USB devices, flashlights, and is even powerful enough to jumpstart your car.

The Crank Juice Box Kit Comes With:

  1. Your Choice Of Black or Orange Crank Juice Box
  2. Jumper Cables For Your Car
  3. USB Wall Charger
  4. USB Cigarette Lighter Charger
  5. 3 Generations Of Apple Chargers For Apple Laptops
  6. Charger Cable For The Crank
  7. 8 Adapters For Various PC and Electronic Inputs
  8. The 4 Cables Squid. Thunderbolt, Micro USB, Mini USB, & Apple iPhone & iPad 30 Pin Connector (Old School)
  9. Hard Travel Case For Crank & Accessories (see Below)
  10. Crank Battery Size is 18000 mAh
  11. Flashlight Built Into Crank

Early Bird Matte Black + Light - 55% Off: Get one for only $109.

The Crank Juice Box Kickstarter is officially live and available on

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