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Aerial Composition and Dynamic Symmetry with Drones

7/04/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Tavis Leaf Glover is thrilled to share with you an exciting video where he flies the Mavic Pro drone around a stunning location in Hawaii. If you’ve got a drone of some kind and are wanting to properly compose your shots, please check out the video.

I place the Root 6 dynamic symmetry grid on my display, and show how I lock the landscape into the armature. We'll also cover plenty of composition techniques like figure-ground relationship, dynamic symmetry, edge flicker, and more. - said Tavis -

Please check out his site for your own dynamic symmetry grids or to learn about powerful composition techniques. DYNAMIC SYMMETRY GRIDS:

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About Tavis Leaf Glover:

Conceptual Fine Art Photographer, author, blogger, and educator of mastering composition techniques. Tips and tools used by the master painters will help you create your own masterpiece!. FULL ARTICLE for THE MASTER PASS members:

Text, image and video via Tavis Leaf Glover  | © All photos, video and music by Tavis Leaf Glover

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