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Black & White Film Guide, Shootout, and Comparison - 35mm, 400 ISO

8/24/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Black & White Film Guide, Shootout, and Comparison

Which 400 black and white film should I shoot? This is Andrew´s 400 speed 35 millimeter black-and-white film guide. In this guide he will be comparing every 400 ISO B&W film which is actively being produced and readily available in the US market in 2017.

Table of contents:

Methodology - 2:38
Film histories and characteristics - 5:34
Blind test - 17:57
My analysis and conclusions - 41:14

Important links:

Film decision template:
My completed film decision template example:
Blind test contact sheets:

Films reviewed:

  1. JCH Streetpan 
  2. Bergger Pancro
  3. Ilford HP5+ 
  4. Ilford Delta 400 
  5. Ilford XP2 Super
  6. Rollei RPX 400
  7. Rollei Retro 400s
  8. Kodak Tri-X
  9. Kodak T-Max 
  10. Fomapan 400
  11. Kentmere
  12. Ultrafine Xtreme 400 (Review

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About Andrew and Denae:

Denae and Andrew are a husband and wife photography team. This vlog is where we share our photo journey. We might talk about gear and do some educational stuff, but mostly it's a place where we can share our photos and work to improve them. We don't claim to be experts or even especially amazing photographers. We just really love the process, and if there are folks who find some enjoyment in sharing in our journey, awesome!

Text, image and video via Denae & Andrew

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