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Cheap 'n easy Day to Night Timelapse tutorial (holy grail timelapse tutorial)

11/17/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Cheap 'n easy Day to Night Timelapse tutorial

Day to night timelapse or holy grail timelapse tutorial. It doesn't have to be hard, let us show you how to do a holy grail timelapse the easy way. Matthew Vandeputte has written down the workflow a bit lower in this description hoping that you would see his other social media channels and would come say g'day.

Easy Day to Night timelapse tutorial workflow:

Set up your camera in a secure spot and make sure it won't move. Turn off Image Stabilisation if you have it. Create your composition and set up your exposure with all settings turned to manual. You will be in control of the exposure, not the camera. Start by overexposing and let the sequence run until it is underexposed. Stop the shoot, create a new folder and repeat the process until fully dark.

We'll be using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop to organise and compile/render video files from a series of JPEG images. You can shoot a day to night timelapse on a smartphone, a compact camera, a mirrorless or DSLR camera, as long as you can trigger photos and can adjust all the settings you're good to go. Grab your tripod and trigger and set up at a nice spot. Start overexposed and let the sequence run until underexposed. Create a new folder and start again, going from overexposed to underexposed. End when satisfied.

Dump footage on a hard drive, import the contents of the hard drive into Adobe Lightroom using the 'Add' method and rename your folders to reflect the content accurately and in a clear manner.
Open your sequences in photoshop as video footage, adjust the scale using the transform tool and hit File - Export - Render Video to create your timelapse video files.

Import your video files back into Adobe Photoshop by loading them into a stack and manipulate the opacity using two keyframes. Fiddle until satisfied and hit Render Video again

About Author:

My name's Matthew, I'm a Belgian living in Sydney, Australia. I'm a professional time warper. I shoot timelapse and hyperlapse videos for brands and tourism boards. I travel a lot for work so I started documenting that with video blogs.

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Text, image and video via Matthew Vandeputte

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