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Where Should the Eyes Be Looking? Travel portraits tip that no one talks about

11/17/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Travel portraits tip that no one talks about

When it comes to travel photography, few people discuss where the subject's eyes should be looking. Does it make a difference? What's the impact?


Roma the fisherman and his fishing partner. Most of the fishermen of this part of lake Sevan go out at night. “So, how do the photos turn out in this darkness. Asked Roma. “Let me take one of you and I’ll show you.” I replied. His friend peaked into the camera, as if the answer to Roma's question would be revealed by looking into it. “I lived in Russia for a few years. Then came back, to this old job. It’s not a nine-to-five. Our office is the lake. A very dangerous office. If there’s a storm, you’re screwed.” The funny thing is, just after saying that, Roma invited me to go fishing one day. I might come past this part and will surely take him up on his offer, if there’s no storm. #Armenia #Lumix #GH5 #traveltheworld #instatravel #travelling #arountheworld #traveler #travelstories #lakesevan #travelgram #travelphotography #letsgosomewhere #portait #travel_portrait #fish #travelmemories #fishermen
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His nickname is “Black Yuri”. I’ve got no idea why, but that’s what he said. These days he’s a small restaurant owner in Akhalkalaki. But, in his youth Yuri was a professional football player. He traveled through the USSR and played for various clubs. Even at 74 he seemed to be in a very sporty shape. “The players these days are sissies. You touch them and they go flipping over.” Said Yuri. "We’d run around with a broken leg!" "I used to get 1200 Rubles during my days.” Stated Yuri. The local mayor said “You earn like three mayors!” To which Yuri replied “Yes, but what about all that money you get under the table?” Yuri is an ethnic Armenian, like most people in his town. He came back for a quiet, worry free life in his motherland. "If you need anything in the next town you’re going, just tell them you’re friend of Black Yuri.” Those were his parting words before he drove off somewhere in his car. #Georgia #Saqartvelo #Lumix #Akhalkalaki #portrait #travelphotographer #travel #travelphotography #traveldeeper #travelmemories #lifestory #Armenian
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