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A completely free tutorial on Beer Photography

2/06/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

A completely free tutorial on Beer Photography

Beer photography is a speciality requiring extensive knowledge of lighting, glass, and liquids. Yet that knowledge alone will not yield striking images without emotion as the driving force. Emotion in beverage photography?

Absolutely. Rob Grimm has spent his career immersed in the world of beverage photography and he will show you his methods, tricks and workflow for creating the images that have made him an industry leader.

In this free segment, Rob Grimm demonstrates his entire studio workflow photographing a glass of beer on a white background. Rob teaches how to built a set, pour and style beer, set up lighting and modifiers, and capture a commercial beer image.

Watch as Rob and his assistant experiment, troubleshoot ideas, and through trial and error find the best lighting, composition and capture for a glass of beer.

8+ Hours of Photography & Retouching Education: Download the entire free tutorial on Beer Photography at RGGEDU

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