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Lighting a Bottle with LEDs: Cologne Photography Tutorial

4/02/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Lighting a Bottle with LEDs:  Cologne Photography Tutorial

Using constant light to photograph a bottle, is a beautiful way to receive immediate feedback. Unlike speedlights, we see each adjustment made to the lighting immediately, and this can help us craft the scheme to simplify our edit in photoshop.

By using a diffusion material as our background, we can place a nice radial gradient behind the bottle, giving the cologne/perfume volume through the refraction.

Let me run you through my workphlo for how to photograph a bottle with LED lights. - said Dustin Dolby-

About Dustin Dolby:

workphlo is an educational photography channel, giving viewers insight to "workphlo" of photographer Dustin Dolby, as he produces high-end images with minimal equipment.  Let's Get Connected: Twitter | Facebook

Text, image and video via workphlo

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