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5 TIPS for Better Golden Hour Photos

8/26/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

5 TIPS for Better Golden Hour Photos

In this episode, photographer Daniel Sanchez will share his top 5 tips to get better photos during golden hour. Golden hour happens during sunrise and sunset, but depending where you live, you can capture different details.

Golden hour photos will help you stand out from the crowd as an Instagram influencer.

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About Ph Daniel Sanchez:

With a strong belief that we are higher spiritual beings having a human experience, Ph Daniel Sanchez creates charming surreal artworks that are chockfull of beautiful symbolism and spiritual meaning, even by recollecting moments from his photographic journey with his muse, Aaron Dalla Villa. Let's Get Connected: www, | Gear used in this video:

Text, image and video via PH Daniel Sanchez

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