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The 2021 Photography Bundle Is Finally Here!

10/16/2021 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Get The 2021 Photography Bundle (made by photographers for PHOTOGRAPHERS). GET IT HERE

It has finally launched BUT IT ONLY LASTS THROUGH OCTOBER 19TH AT NOON PDT. You’ll be blown away by the notoriety of the product contributors and the sheer value of the most comprehensive photography resource bundle we’ve ever seen. 

The main bundle is $89 for $2200 worth of training & tools that will ensure you reach your photography goals. The savings is over $2100 and there are 25+ products in that bundle alone.

It gets better, though. The upgrades are PHENOMENAL, offering even more savings and products, with each tier. Many photographers will pay just $39 more for the middle tier and get over $1,440+ worth of additional resources. Most Photographers will choose to upgrade to the COMPLETE option, packed with even more resources valued at over $5000 and costing just $157 for everything included in the first 2 tiers, plus MANY more, AND an additional bonus bundle for a total of 12,000+ educational videos, presets, actions, brushes, overlays, and more!  

Courses & tools inside the Main Bundle: 

  • Landscape Photography Secrets Bundle  by Tim Shields $297 Value
  • 1 Year SlickPic Portfolio Account $155.40 Value
  • KelbyOne Bundle, including Introduction to Photoshop Comositting and 10 Essential Tips Every Landscape Photographer Should Know $111 Value 
  • Mastering Luminosity Masks II  by Nick Page  $59 Value
  • Lumenzia by Greg Benz  $39 Value
  • Luminar AI Magic by Piet Van den Eynde $99 Value
  • The Art of the City Photography by Jimmy McIntyre $69 Value
  • Capture One Deep Dive II with Troy Miller by TWip $197 Value
  • Mastering Black and White Landscape Photography  by Mads Peter Iverson $79 Value
  • Unlock the Power of Lightroom Range Masks by Mark Denney $49.99 Value
  • Simple & Intermediate Object Removal in Photoshop by PHLEARN $59.98 Value
  • Painterly Portraits Photography Course by Amanda Diaz $227 Value
  • JD Beautiful World Tints by Jessica Drossin $119 Value
  • Glamourana Action Collection & Midnight Fireworks Bundle by Summerana $99.98 Value
  • Florida Skies by Serge Ramelli $97 Value
  • Blume Wedding Email Templates by The Blumes $79 Value
  • Nature Love Presets by Gamander L√≥pez $69 Value
  • Composition Made Easy Chapter 3: Form & Flow by Gavin Hardcastle $59 Value
  • Colin Smith's Action Pack by Photoshop CAFE $99.99 Value
  • Light & Shadow: Advanced Dodging and Burning by Christopher O’Donnell $129 Value
  • 1 Year VAULT Membership by Creative Highway $48 Value

Purchase the bundle now:  GET IT HERE

Pay just $39 more and get these tools with Pro: 

  • Luminosity Masks for Landscape Photography by Christopher O’Donnell $129 Value 
  • Portrait Retouching - Capture One and Photoshop by Fstoppers $99.99 Value
  • Capture One Complete Workflow Using Style Brushes by Antonio Prado $82 Value
  • Atmosphere (enhancing, controlling, and creating atmosphere in landscape photography)by Ryan Dyar $59 Value
  • JD Wuthering Heights Textures: Daguerreotype Inspired Textures by Jessica Drossin $39 Value
  • Macro Photography by Don Komarechka $32.99 Value
  • Photo Planning with PhotoPills by GreyLearning $99 Value
  • ARTISTRY5 by Dave Seeram $125 Value
  • More Brides II: Growth Hack Your Way to a 6 Figure Wedding Photography Income by Mark Condon $98 Value
  • Conceptual Fine Art Photo Artistry by Sebastian Michaels & Brooke Shaden $197 Value
  • Shaping Light by Joshua Snow $64.99 Value
  • Exposure Blend Like An Expert Course by Jimmy McIntyre
  • 10 Composition Elements to Look for in a Landscape Scene by Nigel Danson $99 Value
  • Advanced Object Removal in Photoshop by PHLEARN $29 Value
  • The Headshot Intensive ONLINE by Peter Hurley $250 Value
  • Most photographers will choose to upgrade even further and get everything in the main bundle, everything in the pro bundle, AND $2,770+ in additional tools and resources!

For $29 more, you can get Complete with these additional products (plus bonuses):

  • Elephant Milky Way & Yosemite Window of Light Tutorials by Chris Ewen Crosby Photography $100 Value
  • The Vital Role of Contrast by Bryan Peterson $99.99 Value
  • Photoshop Sunset Workflow by Chris Ewen Crosby Photography $60 Value
  • The Fernweh North and South Preset Collection by Twig & Olive $100 Value
  • Photoshop User Magazine - 6 Issues by KelbyOne $59.70 Value
  • Creative Photography Using Lightroom Color Wheels by Mark Denney  $44.99 Value
  • Ultimate Brush Pack by Kaiwan Shaban $29.99 Value
  • Storyville Photography’s Overlay Packs (3 packs in total) $97 Value
  • New Post IG Story Templates by Karlie Place $97 Value
  • Ultimate Vibrancy Pack by Alexander Stemplewski $96 Value

The Complete Photography Bundle includes a total of 7 bonuses:

  • Master the Night Sky Course by John Weatherby
  • Photoshop for Morons by Gavin Hardcastle
  • Ultimate Photography Overlays Bundle by Kaiwan Shaban
  • 10000+ Cinematic Photo Overlays Bundle by Eldamar Studio
  • Light Contouring by Ryan Dyar
  • Erupt: An in-depth post-processing tutorial  by Joshua Snow
  • Lightroom: Profiles, Curves, & Presets by Jared Platt


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