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Your First Beauty Light Shoot by Gavin Hoey

3/10/2022 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Other than the classic Rembrandt lighting technique there are few lighting set-ups that are quite as well known as beauty lighting. But knowing the name is not the same as understanding how it works.

In this video, tutorial photographer Gavin Hoey, takes you step by step through his beauty lighting set-up. Starting with the basics of where to position your light, Gavin explains why careful placement of the overhead light is vital to the success of the beauty light look.

Once he has his basic one light portrait ready, Gavin shows the effects of adding a white and silver reflector to fill in the shadows and then adds a second flash to illuminate the background.


Props can really help make modeling under a beauty light set-up a lot easier, so Gavin throws a red hat into the mix.

Gavin has one final tip to give the standard beauty light look a twist. He replaces the foldable reflector with a solid white surface. This gives his model much more flexibility in her poses and creates a wider range of beauty light portraits.

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