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Speedlight Basics - Portraits With Off Camera Flash

2/14/2024 Matt 0 Comments


Jay P. Morgan, from The Slanted Lens, shares valuable insights on transforming a speedlight into an off-camera flash for stunning portraiture. He emphasizes the importance of getting the flash away from the camera to achieve beautiful results. According to Jay P., if you can touch the light or the light stand, it's probably in the wrong place.

Jay P. discusses the advantages of using a Speedlight, such as affordability, portability, and versatility. He acknowledges its limitations in terms of power and recycle time but highlights the natural progression for photographers to move from on-camera to off-camera flash setups.

He also demonstrates a classic lighting setup, utilizing the sun as a rim light while using the Speedlight to illuminate the subject's face. Jay P. provides practical tips on camera settings, aperture choices, and adjusting strobe power for various creative scenarios.

About Jay P. Morgan:

Photo Mentor photographerWith more than two decades of experience, Jay P. Morgan brings to his commercial studio two special qualities: a keen appreciation of the bizarre and a knack for flawlessly executing elaborate shots. New giveaways every month!