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Unveiling Hidden Gems: 5 More Affordable Cameras for Photography Enthusiasts

3/22/2024 Matt 0 Comments


This article explores five more hidden gems in the used camera market, perfect for budget-conscious photographers or those seeking a reliable backup camera. These cameras offer impressive capabilities at surprisingly affordable prices.

1. Panasonic GX9: A Versatile Micro Four Thirds Powerhouse

The Panasonic GX9 emerges as a favorite within the micro four thirds system. It rivals the Olympus OM-D E-M5 for versatility, boasting a compact build suitable for street photography while excelling in various genres, including video.  A standout feature is the fantastic tilting touchscreen and tiltable EVF, significantly enhancing usability. 

2. Leica TL2: A Classic Reborn with Enhanced Autofocus

The Leica TL2 addresses the autofocus limitations of its predecessor, the Leica TL. The TL2 boasts significantly improved autofocus compared to the original model. Leica's renowned build quality remains exceptional, and the camera offers a delightful electronic viewfinder experience.  The only caveat is the lack of an internal flash present in the TL. While Leica glass can be expensive, numerous affordable Sigma lenses function flawlessly with the TL2.

3. Canon 40D: A Pro DSLR on a Budget

Canon's EOS 40D caters to budget-minded photographers. Released in 2007, it represents a part of the best-selling camera system ever, translating to a vast selection of affordable lenses. The 10-megapixel sensor delivers a distinct image quality, sufficient for most photography needs. As a pro camera, it features a top display, dedicated buttons, and a joystick. Additionally, unlike some cameras on this list, it boasts a proper optical viewfinder for a traditional shooting experience. The robust build quality ensures it can withstand accidental bumps and drops. 

4. Sony a6000: A Compact Powerhouse with a Menu Quirk

While almost a decade old, the Sony a6000 remains a fantastic stills camera. Its compact size and comfortable design for an APS-C camera are complemented by a tilting screen and a decent electronic viewfinder. The camera feels responsive and delivers excellent image quality.  A bonus? The abundance of affordable third-party lens options. The biggest drawback? The menus can be a challenge to navigate. However, for a budget-friendly camera, mastering a new menu system is a small hurdle to overcome. 

5. Samsung EX2F: A Rare But Worthy Compact

Samsung was once a major player in the high-end camera market. The EX2F exemplifies this, offering serious competition to cameras like the Sony RX100. It boasts an impressive 24-280mm equivalent Schneider zoom lens with a bright f/1.4 aperture and a 1-inch 12.3MP BSI sensor. It even comes with a built-in flash. The only real downside is the fully articulated screen, which can be awkward to use. 

Image and video via Mattias Burling