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Photography Project: Historical Reenactment Photoshoot by Zia Vey

9/27/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Today we have the pleasure to feature "Historical Reenactment Photoshoot". Written by Zia Vey , we hope you enjoy with this story :

Travelling is always surprising. I always try to combine travelling with creating a photography project. I'm full of enthusiasm when it comes to planning a new project because in the end, it all transforms into a story.

One of the latest trips I've made was to the Alba Carolina citadel in Romania. The particularity of this place is that it has a citadel guard that is a recreation of the medieval Austrian army. The uniforms that the members of the guard wear are Austrian, dating from the 18th century. Also, their uniforms are specific to the military ranks that every member has: commander, infantry man, artilleryman, drummer or cavalry.

My plan was to shoot a series of portraits with the citadel guard, and after they received my shooting proposal with great enthusiasm, I packed all my equipment and hit the road.

Once I arrived at the citadel, I improvised a small outdoor photo studio among the little green hills inside the citadel walls. Taken as a whole, the place seemed like a genuine Romanian Hobbiton.

For the background, I used a textured linen backdrop mounted on two light stands. I bought the backdrop before leaving for the road trip, from a decorating shop. For the lighting setup, I used a Cononmk I6N EX 600W portable strobe as a main light, with a 105 cm softbox umbrella. The fill light, a Cononmk K4T 400W portable strobe, was positioned in the lower-left part, with a 90 cm softbox umbrella.

Equipment used:

  • Cononmk I6N EX 600W portable strobe
  • Cononmk K4T 400W portable strobe
  • 90 cm softbox umbrella
  • 105 cm softbox umbrella
  • Nikon D800 E
  • Sigma Art 50 mm


  • Photography - Zia Vey
  • BTS photos & text - Raluca Enache

About Zia Vey:

Zia VeyI always try to create a photography project centered around the quest for individuality.

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