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Starlight Express: "Making of" biggest panorama 360º ever seen !!!!! by Markus Meuthen

11/13/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Sure multitude of  blogs and magazines will share this video, we love it. It is amazing (But we need a lot of time to found it,  then please,  we love a little linkback too) Thanks

Markus Meuthen : on a voyage of discovery with STARLIGHT EXPRESS. 1,600 single form an impressive 360 degree indoor panorama.

It took a staggering two days and nights to photograph 26 actors and the whole of the STARLIGHT EXPRESS theatre in more than 1,600 single shots, which were turned into a sphere afterwards. The complexity of the task (fog, speed, flips, Rollerblades, fire) is reflected in the highly impressive result. The agency in charge was Ogilvy.

The stage in Bochum features elaborate laser effects, lanes than run straight through the audience and a nine-ton, moving bridge.

The STARLIGHT EXPRESS website features a 360 degrees indoor panorama view with all 26 actors in the show: the full stage, all of the technology, each detail in strikingly sharp pictures. Wherever you move the mouse cursor, something happens: Tracks lighten up, thousands of lights create a nocturnal night sky, stunt skaters fly past ….

Some impressions as well as the making of can be found here on GoSee. Make sure to download the APP as well - itunes.


Watch this panorama in full screen mode: CLICK HERE


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Markus was born in 1961 in Düsseldorf and lived in Argentina and Spain until the age of 16. Enjoying an internationally oriented upbringing, he understood at an early age that traveling was to be an important part of his life. Along came a passion for photography and automobiles. In this combination the way to go seemed pretty clear-cut, and indeed, in 1988 Markus opened his studio in Düsseldorf.

Simone, born 1976 in Düsseldorf, was similarly determined in following her goal of becoming a photographer. Between 1996 and 1999 she studied photography at the "Staatliche Fachakademie für Fotodesign" in Munich, Germany. Straight afterwards she started working as a freelancer with a preference for architectural photography, but also a high degree of curiosity for all other subjects concerning photography.

In 2003 Simone and Markus merged their studios, having realized that they are working on a similar wavelength. More than that, they have combined their determinations in creating high quality images by augmenting each others skills. 


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