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What Portable Flash Kit Should I Buy? Comparing Einstein, Profoto B1 and the Broncolor Move 1200L by Joey L.

12/23/2014 Matt 1 Comments

In this video, Joey L. goes over the pros and cons of these battery-operated, portable flash photography studio lighting kits: The E640 Einstein Flash Kit from Paul C. Buff, the Profoto B1, and the Broncolor Move 1200L.

Buying your first strobe kit is a serious investment, so Joey L. has designed this tutorial to help first-time buyers, and buyers looking to upgrade their gear, better wrap their heads around the complexities of such a niche market.

I am not loyal to any specific brand. In this video, you will see Frankenstein-like creations of lighting kits made from many different pieces. The quality of equipment is much more important than the name that's written on it, so I'm only including gear that I have actually used in the past and that I know to be good. -explains Joey L.-

Tutorial filmed by Jared Levy and edited by James Daniel and Caleb Adams.

Text, video and images via Joey L.  Read the full post with more info HERE


Anonymous said...

Thanks for informal comparison, it was very interesting and fun to watch. I use the Einstein and have not noticed inconsistent color temp. The mention that the light is a little red caught caught my attention. If that is true it could be a tricky pairing with the reddish files of the Canon 5D.
I would have liked to see the strobes compaired without octoboxes. And it would have been better if they were all modified with the same octobox. An added bonus would be a comparison between the much-praised Rotalux and PCB folding octobox.
By far the most striking comment was that the test shots mostly looked the same !