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Actor/skateboarder/photographer Jason Lee talks through his favorite portraits with 8x10 Polaroid film

4/08/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

For episode one of their new series, Table Talk with Chris Pastras, they feature actor/skateboarder/photographer Jason Lee. Watch as Chris talks to Jason about photography, skating and diarrhea.

Jason is a passionate of Polaroid film or Fuji instant film, especially for large format cameras.  We recommend this interview on

Q: What holds you the film over digital? A: A piano sounds like a piano. And a synthesizer never sounds exactly like a piano. - Jason Lee said

What makes skateboarder/actor/photographer Jason Lee tick? We went to Denton, TX, to find out.

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Images by Jason Lee


ian kasnoff said...

Great interview. I randomly just met Jason in an antique mall in Dallas where I am working for the week. We chatted a bit about skating and large format photography of which I am passionate about both. Anyway, well shot and interesting video, I'll be subscribing.

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