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Direct Flash Tutorial: How to Get that American Apparel Look

9/23/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

In this clip from the Photo Week class, Working with Flash, Pye demonstrates how to recreate that punk, American Apparel look with a hot shoe and a direct flash.

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Anonymous said...

This is 'close,' but the 'pro' way to do it requires the light much closer to the lens axis. Which is why guys like Mario Testino actually have an assistant holding the light against the lens barrel.

This look was probably made 'fashionable' by Juergen Teller and Terry Richardson. Both, using Contax G2s or Yashica T4s or some such, with small hotshoe or built-in flashes. Last time i saw Richardson shooting, he had a flash bracket on his camera, but it kept the flash much closer to the lens than the Vello unit you're showing, and that keeps the shadow from creeping away from the body.