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Steadycam vs Gimbal: What is the BEST dslr stabilizer?

5/30/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In this video our friend Ed Gregory puts a Glidecam vs Gimbal vs in camera stabilization and find out which one really does give the best results.

These are REAL world tests of me tuning as fast as I can across a desert. Maybe I should have tried a normal walk too, this may have been a fairer test between these DSLR stabilizers. - saids Ed -
Lean what the best image stabilizers in 2017. The glidecam and gimbal are types of steadicam (although this is a brand too) but traditionally a steady cam is a weighted stem for balance and a gimbal is a motorized system.

In this image stabilization videos I test the Glidecam HD 2000 and the DJI Ronin M. As a base line I use a Canon G7x with its in camera stabilization.

In this 3 axis gimbal review I found that the DJI Ronin M review gave the best and smoothest results. Although none of these DSLR stabilizer types deliver Z-axis image stabilization the DJI Ronin was able to deliver almost perfect results.

A gimbal stabilizer uses brushes motors and batteries to stabilize an image. A Glidecam is a weighted stabilizer that uses the center of gravity to stabilize and in camera stabilization does all the work digitally. Watching this should show you what gimbal to buy 2017.

I used wide angle lenses in all instances as this should enhance any 'wobble' towards the end of the frames. I have only reviewed these 3 image stabilizers so please leave a comment letting me know what you think us the best dslr stabilizer 2017.

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