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Women Portraits: Change light, change mood.

11/08/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

I have in mind idea to shoot beauty with attention on hairs in bw and colour way.


My pretty model from LAMODELS agency have blond hairs. I love how blond looks on photo. I start to set up my light from beauty dish. Then i added second light source with an umbrella to light her hair. To add volume to it. 

As you see when flash work umbrella add some more shape on her hair.


The second idea was to shoot with colour gels beauty soft picture.


I choose colour gels. Red and Blue. This colours work very well together. 

My shoot was in studio with white walls. I decided to turn my lights to the walls and put on them color gels. Distance from the wall to light - 1,5 meters. Light will reflect from the wall and create a very soft effect. 

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